Antarctic Strategy & Planning

Antarctic Territorial Development, MasterPLANs and Programs, Antarctic Geopolitics & Strategy, Public Policies, International Cooperation, UN 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, Public Services, etc.


Regulations Related to the Antarctic Treaty, Antarctic System, Antarctic Scientific Research Institutes, etc.

Antarctic Consulting Services

Design, Rental, Acquisition, Construction or Operation of PolarShips, Icebreakers, Oceanographic Vessel, Aircrafts, Ground transportation and other operating systems in polar regions.-

Antarctic Scientific Stations

International Antarctic Scientific Stations, International cooperation, Exchange Programs, Multimodal Logistic Support, Antarctic Health, Well-being and Quality of life of scientific and logistical support personnel, etc.

Antarctic Scientific Activities

Scientific laboratories, Research and development, science and technology, special equipment, meteorological stations, renewable energies, energy efficiency, monitoring systems and geo-positioning, etc.

Ecology & Antarctic Environment

Comprehensive Antarctic Waste Management, Antarctic Environmental Remediation, Transportation and Final Disposal of Antarctic Waste, Antarctic Sustainable Development Programs, Zero Emission Programs.

Antarctic Shipping & Logistics

Maritime Transport Service in Polar Waters, Antarctic Logistics Services, Logistic Supply of Antarctic Scientific Stations with Antarctic Polar Container Ship

Antarctic Infrastructure

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), support and Installation of Antarctic infrastructures: Ports, New Advanced and Self-sustaining Antarctic Scientific Stations. Port Facilities & Port Services, etc.

Advanced Antarctic DATA.LINK

Advanced Antarctic Quantum Telecommunications System, Antarctic Multidomain Datalink System [Video, Voice, Data], Q Internet, Mobile Phones, Cybersecurity, GeoData, IOT, Robotics, Autonomous, Remote, etc.

Antarctic Aerial Service

Antarctic TOURISM & Expeditions

Antarctic EMERSAR

International Search and Rescue Service in Polar Regions, Antarctic Spaces Monitoring and Control System, Multidomain Surveillance and Response to Emergency Situations, Crisis and Contingencies.